Steps To Scrapbooking - Beginner Scrapbooking

Steps To Scrapbooking - Beginner Scrapbooking

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In the past few years Diaper Cakes have become hugely popular at baby showers. People always wonder what they should get the mom-to-be and these can be a fantastic idea! In the following paragraphs we are going to describe how to make a baby diaper cake for the new baby and mom.

These are the things you need in making your own are: fabric, fabric stiffener, matching thread, sharp scissors, pencil, set square, double sided adhesive tapes, side pulley mechanism, pulley chord, line on roller, and dowel.

Padded Shirts. Like the shorts the shirts are equipped with the same technology protecting the shoulders clavicle DOUBLE SIDED SELF ADHESIVE TAPES upper arms ribs and sternum by dissipating and absorbing impacts to the body.

Continue to apply the wing to your entire hairline, one section at a time. Take great care when getting to the nape of your neck; I like to look at the floor before applying my lace front wig to my nape. This ensures that I will have free range of movement once the lace wig is fully dried. Once the entire wig is secure, use the long comb to over the hairline once more to make sure all the lace is bonded to your head.

Throughout the hallway, I took rubber bats (another $1.00 store find) and stuck them with a needle and black thread so they would hang. Since I wanted some bats lower than others for the kids to walk though, I needed to find a way to hang them without thumb tacks. So double sided tape again!! That way if they fell out, no one would get hurt. You could also use the same tactic with plastic spiders, ghosts or any other decoration.

To Stop Ants - Scout ants are always looking for that next great cookie jar or candy box lying around. One of the best ways to stop the ants is by surrounding your cookie jar or candy box or whatever with double-sided adhesive tape. Just make sure one side is sticky-side-up.

Sew the bottom edge, again using a half-inch seam allowance, making sure to leave three inches unstitched. Clip all corners then turn the curtain so that the right sides of the fabric are facing out, utilizing the three inch unstitched opening. Make sure the corners are pushed out so that they look crisp then close the bottom opening by double sided tapes using a slip-stitch. Sew straight across the top of the panel, one half inch from the top. Measure down an additional two inches, and again sew straight. Then, measure down another one and a half inches and sew straight across again, forming the rod pocket. Repeat the process to sew the other curtain panel. Iron the curtains, hang them on the rod, and enjoy.

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